50th year celebrations (1958)

Some displays were prepared for the celebrations in 1958 which recorded notable feats and statistics. These displays are reproduced below.

Lowest batting total of 6 in 1922 lowest batting Lowest score against DCC lowest score against
DCC v President's XI in 1914 DCC vs Presidents President's XI v DCC in 1914 Presidents vs DCC
McGuiness top scored for Headley Headley match W Gadsby collected some runs W Gadsby scored
Was this the highest opening partnership at the time? Partnership And the lowest 11th wicket partnership? lowest partnership?
Early signs of climate change recorded in DCC scorebook severe weather Hat tricks before 1962 (hence some notable hat-tricks after this date are not included) hat tricks

There was another display, mainly of team pictures, some of which were now missing. The remaining pictures included three taken at Headley (c.1920), (c.1928), (c.1929) and one with Jack Holland (presumably DCC v Westwood) dated 1952.