On August Bank-holiday a party of 24 journeyed to Headley, near Epsom, to play the village to play on their ground, which is situated amidst beautiful surroundings. The party included our President, other friends, sisters and other people's sisters.

The team was composed of Messrs. A. G. Clarkson, Akehurst, S. E. Endersby, Gale, Geall, Hurlstone, Kingsnorth, Remes, Squibb, Tree and Wilmshurst.

Our captain having won the toss declared he would bat first and with Mr. Akehurst, (deafening cheers) went off looking good for a century to open our innings, but dreadful fact, in spite of the hard wicket they soon returned, bringing our tail behind them, and to make a short tale shorter we only scored 25 runs.

Never mind; Devonshire, always optimistic, give Headley 30, but they get 64 (we reckoned without the public schoolboy).

39 to save the innings defeat, things look serious. Gale has a short life but a gay one; the Captain gets all at sea (we say no more). Devonshire hopeless.

Suddenly Remes and Akehurst come together and show us how easy it is to play cricket although it is raining slightly. They add 20 and Akehurst goes, we add a few more and Remes is last man out "having a go". Devonshire lead by 17; suppressed excitement, semi-despair. Spectators have grown to about 50 or so to see Headley win.

Squibb seizes the piece of leather and hurls it down the pitch, Endersby does the same at the other end.
1 for 1, 2 for 3, by this time some Devonshire supporters have retired disconsolate to find solace in tea.
Loose ball off Squibb placed out of the ground for 4, Devonshire hearts throb, hope he won't bowl another. 3 for 8, 4 and 5 for 8.

Headley grow pale, but still only 10 more. Remes bags a catch, 6 and 7 for 10. Devonshire very quiet, all members of the team looking as though it is quite the usual thing. The public schoolboy has a duck.
The President is getting quite interested and is thinking of withdrawing all his cutting sarcasm. Akehurst hands a hard one behind the sticks. 8 for 11, can they do it? 9 for 13.

The last man arrives obviously nervous, dreadful silence; a single is scored, dreadful cheers from Headley. Slips are edging in for Squibb, here comes the ball, up it goes and lands safely in the Captain's hands.

Devonshire fieldsmen go mad and do all sorts of irresponsible things. Headley drown their sorrows in tea, and the spectators quickly disperse Devonshire retire to tea to drink Squibb's health, amidst much laughter and good spirits. Messrs. Clarkson and Akehurst rush off to proclaim the victory of Devonshire by 3 runs to our supporters, tea table nearly overturned in the surprise of the news.

Devonshire rises by leaps and bounds in the eyes of our visitors; talk of the Oval and Australia: - Remes, Akehurst and Squibb's playing for Kent, only afraid Surrey would then get beaten by 2 innings instead of 1 at Blackheath.


The above account was included in the Jubilee Souvenir of 1958