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NEuroNet was a European network of excellence to develop neural network research and its applications, with members from academia and industry across Europe.

NEuroNet was coordinated by King's College London, first in the Department of Mathematics and later in the Department of Electronic Engineering. It ran from 1994 to 2001.

The announcement of NeuroNet in 1994 includes a list of the initial members and John Taylor was its first Director with Mark Plumbley as the Deputy Director. Trevor Clarkson became Director of NEuroNet in 1995. This webpage is an early example of the use of the World Wide Web in academia. The web server was first hosted by the Department of Physics at King's College and maintained by Chris Hinton. NEuroNet's administrator, Terhi Garner, later maintained the website in the domain.

An extension to NEuroNet was granted in 1999 with the aim of developing technology transfer clubs and a roadmap for Europe. The website at King's College has been discontinued, but the following reports have been recovered, thanks to former NEuroNet members.